Jōnin Three Houses

The Jōnin Three Houses (上忍三家; さんけ jōninsanke) refer to the three aristocratic-like families of Iga: The Hattori (服部家), the Momochi (百地氏), and the Fujibayashi (藤林氏). Their most popular leaders are called the Three Grand Jonin (三大上忍). Also called the Iga Sandaijonin (伊賀三大上忍; The Iga Ninja Big Three). These are probably the most well-known Iga Ninja.

In Seishin

While Hanzo Hattori works in Mikawa as the Iga Ninja's main representative to the Tokugawa Family, Fujibayashi and Momochi would been seen as the chief ninja families. However, Momochi Family was for having the Iga Ninja under control of the independent state, while Fujibayashi wanted to continue supporting the Hattori Family that served the Tokugawa. For years, they both have been developing different ninjutsu.

Three Grand Jonin

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