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April 23 (Taurus)


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Deva Dynasty (Military Lord)



Indra (इन्द्र, インドラ, indora) is the character in Heroic Blaze SolAka. He is also known as Indra the Storm Hero.

Creation and Concept

MGW wanted each member of the Four Generals to reflect the Hindu dieties and have a noble status on Planet Shenbu. Indra is a very powerful figure in Hindu Mythology who was given many titles throughout his battle victories. He is the supreme ruler of the deities (Devas) and the God of both war and storms[1]. While Indra is considered a demon-slaying hero in many Vedic (Hindu) scriptures, he is also seen as a demon in Ancient Iran myth[2]. In Japan, he is known as Taishakuten (帝釈天, Supreme Ruler of Heaven [in an image]). Shaku (釈) means interpret, storytelling or elucidate.

It was MGW's wish for General Indra in Heroic Blaze SolAka to well reflect his mythical counterpart, becoming a powerful rival for both Hiori and Torahiko. For keywords/phrases, Indra was described as the following: Battle lower (好戦的), absolute self-confidence in own ability (自らの実力に絶対的な自信を持っており), fair and square (正々堂々とした)


One of Emperor Yang's Four Generals. Indra is a robust man who wears black and red lamellar armor. Wears thick black eyeliner and ceremonial-like headgear in battle. Gray hair is pulled back; has a very thin mustache. In other words, he is a like an ancient warlord and takes pride in it.
A true man of high pride and confidence, Indra is known as the "Violent Eastern General". He is fearful and easily roused to battle. Because of his high offensive power, he is said to be the supreme commander of Shenbu.

Story Overview


Shenbu-Shirei War

Near its apex, Indra attacked and subjugated the country of the Byakko tribes.

Deva Dynasty on Earth

When the Shenbu Armada reached Earth, Indra was sent to California to take out the base of the Hoshizawa American branch. He was interrupted by Torahiko Yūtsukasa.


The Emperor of Planet Shenbu's Deva Dynasty. As one of the Four Generals, Indra devotes his entirety to Yang and his desires.
Torahiko Yūtsukasa (Toramaru)
Before the capture of Planet Shirei, Indra and his forces invaded the region of the Byakko tribes. He confronted the King and the Silver Royals, forcing them to retreat, which was very disagreable to the King's son Toramaru.
Hiori Soratoga
An adversary who opposes Emperor Yang's plan on dominating Earth.
Other Generals ( Yami , Aryaman , Aditi )
Indra is aware that Yami fights too much using anger; Aditi is "fearful".

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