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Ieyasu Tokugawa (徳川 家康, 1543 – 1616), once known as Motoyasu Matsudaira (松平 元康) and Takechiyo Matsudaira (松平 竹千代) was the founder of the Tokugawa Military Dictatorhip (Shogunate). He was born on the 11th year of Tenbun, and died on the 2nd year of Genna. Said to be a very capable leader who was calm and fearless, also a successful innovator. The agent of the Iga Ninja and works close with the Hattori Family. He appears in Seishin (Pure Heart) series.


  • His father was Hirotada Matsudaira and his mother was Odai no Kata (於大の方), the latter being the daughter of Tadamasa Mizuno (水野 忠政), who betrayed Hirotada.
  • Hanzo Hattori is one of Ieyasu's generals; other notable generals are Ōkubo Tadayo (大久保 忠世) and Honda Masanobu (本多 正信)
  • Ieyasu was an expert in swordsmanship (剣術、kenjutsu), gunnery (砲術、houjutsu), archery (弓術, yajutsu), horseback riding (馬術; bajutsu), and swimming (suijutsu; 水術等). Learned the horse riding art from Otsuba-ryu.[1]
  • In kenjutsu (sword style), Ieyasu was taught Shinkage-ryū (神影流; god shadow), which descended from the Shinkage-ryū (新陰流; new shadow) founded by Kamiizumi Nobutsuna (上泉信綱), and the Shinto-ryū (新当流) from Mitsumori Arima (有馬満盛). The son of Nobutsuna, Yagyu Munenori, became recognized by Ieyasu and was appointed the official kenjutsu instructor for the Shogunate. In addition, Ieyasu was also taught the Okuyama-ryu. The Shinto-ryu included Nagimaki (長巻) jutsu, which Ieyasu received from Arima.[2]
  • During Tenshō Iga no Ran, Ieyasu returned to Mikawa via "Shinkun Iga-goe" (神君伊賀越え; God Iga Pass) to face Mitsuhide Akechi. He was aided by Hanzo Hattori and other Iga and Koga Ninja.[3]

Seishin Version

  • In Seishin, Ieyasu is a person with a sense of balance and hopes for peace -- at any cost. He is calm with an unshakable conviction, also curious and invest his time in learning various sciences. Friend of Hanzo Hattori, particularly Hanzo II.

War History/Events

Media Appearances

  • Kessen (決戦) Series: Video game


Lady Tsukiyama, Asahi
Main wives.


  • Nobuyasu Matsudaira (松平信康. b. 1559)
  • Kamehime (亀姫 b.1560)
  • Hideyasu Yuki (結城 秀康 b 1574)
  • Hidetata Tokugawa (徳川 秀忠 b.1579)
  • Nagami Sadachika (永見 貞愛 b.1574)
  • Shoseiin (正清院 1580)
  • Nobuyoshi Takeda/Matsudaira (武田 信吉 b.1583)
  • Matsudaira Matsuchiyo (松平 松千代 1594)
  • Matsudaira Tadateru (松平 忠輝, 1592)