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I am a cat (ボクは猫です) is a Seishin (Pure Heart) story about Koga Ninja. Debuts Izumo-no-kami Mochizuki. Created in July 2014.



MGW was at a rush to make Koga stories; primarily she could only come up with ideas about Sasuke Sarutobi, but wished to make a story based on Izumo-no-kami and during earlier dates. She also wanted to avoid using the Kousaka Family too much.

Story Synopsis

Distraught by mice infesting his lands, which is attached to a well-known rumor, the Lord of Kannonji Castle (観音寺城) Takayori Rokkaku sends out his friend Izumo-no-kami to deal with it. He has much faith in his friend because Izumo is a master within the Koga Ninja. Without hesitance, the Koga compiles and takes an adjutant from the Akutagawa Family with him. The two Koga make preparations and ask about as to where the a large mice sighting ism eventually reaching there to face a mummified figure.


Izumo-no-kami Mochizuki
(望月 出雲守) Main Character. Head of the Mochizuki Family, serving the Rokkaku. He is a prominent figure in the Koga; therefore, trusted to handle the mice incident.
Yoshikane Akutagawa
(芥川 義銀) Fictional member of the Akutagawa Family. A young, but loyal squire of Izumo. He is hesitant about investigating the mice incident.
Takayori Rokkaku
(六角 高頼) A lord (shugo daimyo) in Omi Province and close friend of Mochizuki. His family was taking over territories that belonged to the Ashikaga Shogunate.
Yukikane Shibukawa
(渋川 行鏡) Former Ashikaga. A mummified man with a croaking voice. Also called Sodachi (鼠噠).


  • Taakyori's birthyear is unknown. As the first of his children were born in 1590s, it was possible that Takayori was born in the 1470s or earlier. He might've been active in the Onin War as a youth, so earlier than 1460s was also possible. In the story, he is described as "advancing towards middle aged" (30s - 40s) to adapt to Izumo's fictional birthdate.
  • Takayori's childhood name was Kamejūmaru (亀寿丸; turtle life maru), thus Izumo's nickname "Turtle" (kame).
  • Gekokujō means the "lower defeating the higher".
  • Locations: Castle Kannoji was located in Azuchi town in Omihachi, present day Shiga Prefecture; Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) and Lake Nishinoko (西ノ湖; confused as Sainoko) are closely connected.