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Hunter in Monster Rancher advance 2

Hunter (ハンター, hanta) is a character from the game Monster Rancher Advance 2, and appears in the fanfiction Howl of Gray Wolf.


In Video Games

Appearing in Monster Rancher Advance 2, Hunter pursues to be the No.1 AGE breeder and is one of the player's rivals. He is jealous of Holly and the player because he is not called an "amazing rookie", and thinks he is entitled to the name. He first starts with a Tiger then trains a Garu. He was royally defeated by the wandering trainer, Canute (Camus).

In Howl of Gray Wolf

Twelve years old; JUNIOR Rank in Hu-mon Agency. Much like his video game counterpart, Hunter is an unyielding, passionate young man who hates to lose and is determined in his monster training.[1]. Sense of justice is strong too. His monster is a Garu. Hunter is from the same mountain village as Jesvah, who he ardently chases.


Garu (ガルゥ, Garu/Garu)
Power B
Speed C
Stamina (lifebar, defense) C
Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power) D
INFO: Hunter's monster is Garu[2].


Senior breeder and breeder trainer



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