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Howl of Gray Wolf


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Starting Date

1999 - 2000; 2009 - Present


(1st ver) 14 (2nd ver) Ongoing


Howl of Gray Wolf (ギンギライガーの遠ぼえ; gingiraigā no toboe), abbreviated as HoGW, is a fanfic written by MGW based off the Monster Rancher franchise. It's the first story in her "Hero Mon Series"; MR is a product of TECMO.


About Game

In 1997, the first game of the series, Monster Rancher (Monster Farm in Japan, モンスターファー; Monsutā Fāmu), also MR or MF, was released for the Playstation console. In the game, the player takes the role of a licensed monster tamer tasked to live on a ranch, raise various monsters to participate in tournaments, and raise his/her trainer rank.

The monsters vary in character, from peaceful and tolerate towards their trainers, to violent in nature and difficult to raise. Raising routines differ and trainers can either spoil their monster friend or abuse them up to the point where they won't listen to you. Also, there are some unlockables or secret monsters (ie: Centuar, Dragon, Henger, Phoinex, etc). Couple years later after the first game, the sequel and the animated series came out.

Story and Revision

Inspired by the anime, MGW began her fanfic series with "Howl of Gray Wolf" in 1999. She had little contemplation when it came to storyline. The plot was very linear, mostly about vengeance, battle, and tight friendships. The characters united and traveled with the same goal: kill the main antagonist and those who stood by him. In 2009, MGW decided to remake Howl of the Gray Wolf.

Story & Characters

Angry GW in the MR anime.

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The story starts in the year of 804 AP ("After Pangaea"). The main character Gray Wolf, a Tiger superbreed, is the leader of a wild pack who is searching for disk stones to expand his family. Sometime after finding one, he and his pack are chased into a mountain shrine by a group of dinos. They manage to shake the Dinos and unlock the disk stone, which contained a cheerful purebreed Tiger. Before they could make a clear escape, the pack encountered a dragon, a former champion of the Breeder League, who commanded the Dinos to destroy the pack and take the Tiger stone. Gray Wolf try to hold him off while the others escape with Tiger, but ultimately Gray's packmates are chased down and killed. Unforgiving towards the dragon and hearing rumors about how monsters are going insane across the world, Gray sets out on a journey for revenge. Along the way, he meets up with other monsters such as Mocchi, Hopper and Basilisk who join up with him and go deeper into the secrets of a reviving past.

Characters from Monster Rancher 1 and 2, and the Advance games appear in the story. Majority of the monsters would contain their names from Monster Rancher 2.


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Howl of Gray Wolf is set on a world similar to Earth, but with two continents each with an established monster breeder association. The ancient history is akin to the anime where Moo caused a catastrophe. Like from the games, the Gali plays the role of God and other divine figures, and are responsible for sealing monsters into disk stones.


On, the remake of Howl of the Gray Wolf had the most favorites starting from May 2013, until it was topped by Seiya Ω: Dawn of End in Summer 2016. It still has top views. Reviewers express liking the interactions between Gray Wolf and Tiger throughout the story, the appearances of Holly and Hunter, and the monster data.

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