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Hopper (ホッパー; hoppa) is one of the main characters in the fanfic Howl of Gray Wolf created by MGW. In the game series, the Hopper debuts in Monster Rancher 2.


Toy figure description

Video Games and anime

Debuting in Monster Rancher 2, hoppers are good monsters that resemble lemurs. Their data card states that they are "naughty monsters, but are loved by many trainers". Hoppers excel in accuracy and have a high guts rate, but have low defense and life. Thus, they depend on swift attacks that leave an opponent on the defensive. Also, hoppers required to unlock Undine, Zilla, and Niton.

In the anime, Hopper is one of the monsters of trainer Nina[1]

Howl of Gray Wolf

First Version
In the first version of HoGW, Hopper appears much later as the rebel group fights the Jaggernaut and Sneak Hopper forces. After Gray Wolf, Tyrant, Mocchi, Basilisk, and Tiger falls into a deep pit, Hopper helps them through a large burrow. He says that he is the only one in his family that is unafraid of the dragons. He fights with Gray Wolf until the end of the story.
A brave one year old, Hopper first appears in the chapter "The Son of Leap Forest". After Gray Wolf falls into his pit trap, Hopper questions Mocchi about the purpose of their visit. The traveling trio learn that Hopper had a meet with the evil monsters. The monsters were Worm captain Robeaneal and his team, who killed the Garu of Leap Forest and were coercing the hoppers to join their forces.

Tiger of Freedom

First Version
Hopper joins Tiger to investigate worldwide quakes.

Skills and Battle Data

  • Power: C
  • Speed: B
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): D
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): E


  • Hook
  • Flick
  • Jump Blows (1, 2 JBs and 1-2 JBs)
  • Fire Upper

The Hopper's strength is in its highly accurate attacks. While their strength is average, they rely on hitting as much as possible to prevent the enemy from fighting back. Hoppers don't have any ranged attacks; their life is low, but they have above average speed. For Hopper himself, he has indeed trained himself to hit quick and his hands are like the wind. His Jump Blows happen in a second. The Fire Upper is an exclusive technique to Garu. Hopper has been training with the Garu to make his fist hit stronger, but he has been unable to perfect it because of his bloodline. In MR2, Draco Hoppers (Hopper/Dragon) and Fairy Hoppers (Hopper/Pixie) can learn Flame.


Black Worm (Worm/Monol), a captain within the worm forces. Hopper ended up challenging him, and his father ends up getting poisoned. He ends up being Hopper's center nemesis.
Sprintan and Pel
Hopper's father and sister respectively. Sprintan is a Skipper, which is a Hopper/Tiger.



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