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Holly in the MR/MF animation.

Holly (ホリィ, horii) is a character from the game Monster Rancher. She appears in the fanfiction Howl of Gray Wolf and is one of the main characters of the Monster Rancher animation.


In Howl of Gray Wolf

  • Affiliation: FIMBA
  • Monsters: Suezo, ??, ??
  • Breeder Rank: N/A

Holly is calm, patient, and gentle, but she is also a strong-willed breeder trainer. For her age, her intuition is high. One of her monsters is Suezo, who serves as an INT coach. She occasionally takes part in the Hu-Mon Agency missions. She appeared along with her junior Hunter to restrain Jesvah.

Video Games

Holly is a character who has appeared a few times in the game series, starting from the first game as a breeder assistant to the player[1].


One of the main characters of the Monster Rancher animation, Holly, along with Suezo, goes on a quest for the phoenix to defeat Moo.


Suezo (Suezo)
Power C
Speed C
Stamina (lifebar, defense) D
Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power) A
INFO: Suezo is a distinctive one-eye monster with a strong attribute in intelligence skills.


Junior in Hu-Mon Group.



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