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2nd Jan, 1547 (Tenbun 16)




Fujibayashi Nagano-no-Kami


173cm ( 5'8" )


60kg ( 132 lbs )







Hayato Tokitsu (土岐津 隼人; ときつ·はやと) is a fictional Iga ninja in the story series Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.


Creation and Concept

The concept theme of Hayato is "sky", "strange older brother", and "experience".

Another of the first developed Iga, Hayato was created to serve as the elder brother-like close friend to Shoutarou and Yoshizo, while being an eccentric to others. To contrast and support the two, he was designed to be the analytic and wise character who loved to take care of others.

The naming and background of the character posed many problems. Hayato was originally named Sogabe Hayata (ソ が べ ・ は や た OR 祖課部 早田), but the name's form was incorrect. Sogabe (祖課部), spelled to reflect the character's smarts was actually a surname, but the author felt that it didn't fit other pre-modern Japan surnames and turned it down. Same goes for "Hayata" as a first name; it is a surname. Later, the last name Tokitsu was picked after a location in Toki, Japan. This attaches him to his origins.

MGW's plan for the first name was to make it related to the sky due to the character's love of heights and the sky itself." Hayate" (疾風) was the next choice, which simply means typhoon (颶). But, the finalized name became "Hayato", meaning "Falcon man" (隼人). In Japanese naming, the 'o" at the end of a name gave it a masculine element. Also, Hayato still felt close to the original name "hayate".


Hayato is a young man described as a "little repulsive" because of his very close-cropped gray hair, questionable past, and quiet aspect. But, makes it up with his nice smile and nature; in fact, Tokitsu is one of Iga's most esteemed low-rank ninja. Green clothes are signature to him. Along with Yoshi, Shoutarou develops a very close bond to Hayato; out of the three, he is the oldest and is looked up to because he has a kind and understanding character. Also, he has the insight of a man older than himself and has strong belief in his companions. Therefore, he is a bit of a theorist (理論家). Sogabe likes hang gliding, thus he hardly fears heights and is great for mountain exploring.

Good Points:Calm and quick judgement, compassionate/good understanding Bad Points: N/A

Ninja Parameters

  • Ninjutsu - 3
  • Knowledge - 4
  • Battle Ability - 3
  • Heart – 4
  • Fear of Heights – 1
  • Incense Tolerance – 2

Skills and Talents

Bell manriki-kusari
(鐘万力鎖)[1] His weapon is customized with weighted bells at the end of the chains.
(吹き矢; blow arrow) A fukiya is a blow gun and is considered a sport.

Seishin Story


War Record


Fujibayashi Nagano-no-Kami
Adoptive father and master relationship.
Tokitsu Family
Former family.


  • The name Hayato with a different spelling (勇人) can also mean "brave man".