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Kotarō Fūma


172cm (5'8")


59.3kg ( 131 lbs )

Hayashi (林, はやし, lit meaning: Forest or grove) is the alias of a fictional ninja that appears in the online series Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.

Creation and Concept

For the Fuuma, MGW sought for a character that functioned as a Blood Knight. Hayashi turned out to be the young, brash character that fought to kill. In earlier ideas for Seishin, he had many encounters with Kyoushirou and Shoutarou. "Hayashi" is a well-known Japanese surname and were two samurai families.

The nickname Ashura or Asura (修羅) means "scene of carnage" or "fighting", but the names also represent deities from Buddhism and Hinduism. The Hindu deities are usually sinful (ie: jealously, greedy, vain, etc), opposing the Devas. In Buddhism, Ashura are demigods and are sometimes viewed to be demonic or driven by a particular negative passion such as wrath and pride. They are from the Asura Realm, which is also called the Jealously God Realm.

Character and Story

Hayashi's real name is unknown, and Kotaro gave him an alias due to his wild nature. Hayashi enjoys death, and he tirelessly trains himself to battle better so that he can send his foes to the next life. He's very bold, as if to dash to his own demise. Therefore, he is nicknamed "Ashura" (修羅), which are deities from Hinduism and Buddhism. He is considered a true Eta (穢多).

He is also very loyal to Kotarō Fūma, and he rivals Goemon in who Kotaro sees as "better".


  • Ninjutsu - 3
  • Knowledge - 2
  • Battle Ability - 4
  • Heart – 3
  • Misc –
  • Misc –
Sōjutsu - Kazejūji the Jūmonji Yari (Cross spear)
(槍術 ・ 十文字槍 風十字) Sōjutsu (槍術) is the martial art of the spear. Hayashi is best known in the Fuuma for his polearm usage and his personal favorite weapon is the Jūmonji Yari (十文字槍), which is a three-bladed spear shaped like a cross. Furthermore, an over ten-foot chain is built within the shaft and attached to the spearhead so it can extend at a range. Therefore, Hayashi calls his weapon Kazejūji (風十字; lit. wind cross). Occasionally, Hayashi can swing it with one arm.
Good with Koppojutsu (骨法術) or the attacking of the bones, and is said to be a "controller of wind", referring to his maintainability of breath and his ability to easily manipulate the Jumonji in mid-air via its chain.

Seishin Series


Kotarō Fūma and [[Yokojin Sogatome
The man that Hayashi admires. It's possible that Kotaro saved him.; however, Hayashi shows a near misogynist disrespect towards Yoko, knowing her identity.
Goemon Ishikawa
ival, since it seems like Kotaro likes him "a little more". There is tension between the two since Gomon thinks of Hayashi as a brute.
Shoutarou and Ryō Tsukimori
Hayashi harassed and attacked Shoutarou to debilitate the Iga forces. Each encounter with the latter, the boy's father hasn't been lucky.
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