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A yaguruma (8 arrow nocks in a ring), the mon of the Shimo-Hattori.

The Hattori Family (服部氏) is a family from Iga Province. They appear in Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.


The Hattori was a powerful clan of ji-samurai that dominated the Iga Area. Said to be founded by Ienaga Hattori (服部 家長) in the 12th century, who was rumored to have created the Iga shinobi and formed the Jōnin Three Houses. The symbol of Hattori is an arrow wheel (矢車).

Ienaga had three sons, who would form three Hattori families. The oldest Heitaro Koreyuki would form Kami-Hattori (上服部家; upper hattori house), the middle son Heijiro Yasuyori would form Naka-Hattori (中服部家; middle hattori house), and the youngest son Heijuro Yasunori would form Shimo-Hattori (下服部家; lower hattori house).

About Hanzo Hattori

Apparently, up to the 19th century, there have been twelve generations of people named "Hanzo Hattori". The name Hanzo is a zokumyō or a new name adopted by a person during their coming of age ceremony. It is also added along to the formal adult name (Nanori). For example, "Hattori Hanzo Masashige".


Notable Hanzo Hattori

Yasunaga Hattori
(服部 保長) Known as the First Hanzo Hattori. His name is derived from the Kanji 半三 (half third), which is also spelled as Hanzo. also known as Masatane (正種).
Masanari Hattori
(服部 正成) B. 1542. 2nd Hanzo, fourth son of Yasunaga, and a military commander (武将) within the Tokugawa Family. Was possibly also called Masashige. He gained famed in being a leading retainer for the Matsudaira family. He is skilled in a spear.
Masanari Hattori
(服部 正就) Also named Masanari. 3rd Hanzo.
Masashige Hattori
(服部 正重) 4th Hanzo.


Yasuochi Chigachi
(千賀地 保遠) Serves Masatomo Ashikaga. Yasunaga, the first Hattori Hanzo, is his child. Ancestor of Narishige Aoyama (青山 成重). Appears in Red Fangs of Fuuma.

Yasumoto Chigachi
(千賀地 保元) Yasunaga's eldest son. Chigachi is an area in Iga (and also a castle's name) and he is a leader of the Chigachi Family, a descent family of the Hattori. Son is Norinao (則直).
Masatoki Hattori
(服部 正刻) Younger brother of Masanari/2nd Hanzo.
Yasunari Hattori
(服部 康成) B.1566. Son of Masanari/2nd Hanzo.
Masatoki Hattori
(服部 正辰) One of the sons of 3rd Hanzo. B.1609. Daughter of Hisamatsu Sadakatsu is his mother.
Masahiro Hattori
(服部 正広) Son of Masanari/2nd Hanzo. Possibly the youngest.
Masayoshi Hattori
(服部 正吉) Son of Masashige/4th Hanzo.


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