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Hakuunsai Tozawa (戸沢 白雲斎) is Sasuke Sarutobi's teacher in Koga Ninjutsu. He also appears in Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.


Hakuunsai, appears in the folktale Tatsukawa Book Collection, "Sasuke Sarutobi". Lord of a castle in Hanakuma, Settsu Province (摂津花隈), which is present day Hyogo Prefecture, Haku yielded his position as family leader to his eldest son and started on a journey to tour Japan[1]. He met Sasuke at Togakushi Mountains; admiring Sasuke's dedication, Haku would train him in martial arts for three years. he also taught Sasuke Ankoku toshi jutsu (暗黒とし術 or 暗黒透視術).

Ninja Parameters

  • Ninjutsu - 5
  • Knowledge - 5
  • Battle Ability - 5
  • Heart – 5
  • Cramps – 3
  • Cuisine - 3


Birthdate may be 1515.

The story of Hakuunsai is primarily the same, and Haku himself is depicted as an amiable old man with long white hair. The attachment to Koga ninjutsu is unknown at the moment. Possibly worked for Miyoshi family (cadet branch of Takeda Family) and rivaled Oda Family, or is an adviser to the Takeda Family. Tozawa meets Sasuke in the 14th year of Tensho (1586). He is efficient in the Chokuto, which he carries inside a cane in a shirasaya fashion.

Seishin Story appearances

Media Appearances

Shōnen Ninja Sarutobi Sasuke[2]
(少年忍者猿飛佐助) A movie produced in 1959. Tozawa is depicted an old hermit of Togakushi Mountains.