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Artwork by Ken Sugimori (杉森 建), illustrator of PKMN games.

Gengar (ゲンガ; genga) is a ghost pokemon and a fictional character from the canceled fanfic Pokemon Fighters.


The name Gengar is possibly from the Norwegian word gjenganger (meaning ghost or revenant); "Attan" is a form of dance that originated in the pashtun regions of Afghanistan, and is the national dance. In Buddhism, attan (आत्मन्; ātman) is about "self".

In Pokemon Fighters, Gengar was one of the first pokemon to be a member of the Valspera. The ghosts are either too rare or feared, and are said to be connected to the god pokemon, especially the Valspera's enemy Giratina. He probably joined them to find the humans and with the ulterior motive to restore life. He began as an "antagonist" of Fire Red, the main protagonist.

"Maybe if you defeat Giratina, they’ll come back", he would say. Giratina is said to be unbeatable, but Gengar thinks otherwise. In the former life, he was once a trainer named Attan (アートン).

“What happened in your last moments?” Fire Red asked.

“Nah, that’s too sad.”