Gadamon from Monster Rancher 3 game (Playstation 2)

Gadamon (ガダモン) is a character from the game Monster Rancher 3. She appears in Howl of Gray Wolf.


In Video Games

Gadamon is one the rivals that the player fights in Monster Rancher 3. A red-haired girl with a unyielding and spiteful personality, she sees herself as the biggest rival of Fleria (フレリア), the player's trainer. She utilizes a Golem, Gobi, Naga, Hengar.

In Monster Rancher 1, 3, and 4, Gadamon is a God of Destruction and Creation, representing the rise and fall of man. One of the Three Gods of ancient time, along with Fleria and Pragma. There is a statue named after the God that powers a monster's abilities.[1][2]

In Howl of Gray Wolf

Called "Gadamon of Fire" (炎のガダモン). A seventeen years old breeder and close to Tobias. She is similar to her game character, having her snobbish and strong-minded nature. Gadamon is associated to the mythical Garuda and trains a Raiden. She harbors a grudge against Ragnoroks.


Name is possibly from the fictional worm-like extraterrestrial of the same name (Ghadamon) from H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. It is from the planet Yuggoth and its body expels gas. Has a phlegmatic temperament.

Another idea of her name is the Garuda, a large mythical bird like creature in Hindu and Buddhism. A Garuda is often depicted as a man with wings and a beak, which carries and protects the god Vishnu. In literature, Garuda is a symbol of impetuous might, speed, and martial prowess. Also, Garuda is the enemy of snakes.


Raiden (ライデン, Raiden/Raiden)
Power A
Speed B
Stamina (lifebar, defense) D
Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power) C
INFO: Gadamon's monster Raiden (雷電, thunder and lightning; 雷天, thunder heaven) is an astute martial artist. Therefore, it excels in power and accuracy. The origin of the breed's name is actually unknown. Gadamon trains her Raiden to rival Shiranui, which also excels in power, accuracy, and speed. Raiden can even use Nunchaku. The Raiden debuts in Monster Rancher Advance 2[3].
Titan (Golem purebreed)
Power A
Speed E
Stamina (lifebar, defense) B
Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power) D
INFO: Titan was Gadamon's Golem. It boasts great physical power and defense, which Gadamon showed great pride in. Killed against Ragnoroks.


Gadamon's older brother who cares about her the most, despite being adopted.
Gadamon's rival monster. Thinks he's really smug and is annoyed by his obsession to battle, especially with Gray Wolf.
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