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The Fujibayashi (藤林氏) was a popular Iga Ninja family. It appears in the Seishin (Pure Heart) series.


The two Kanji symbols of the name are "Fuji" and "Hayashi". The syllable of ba is produced from the ha of "hayashi" (meaning "grove") using the Dakuten pronunciation.

Not much is known about the Fujibayashi family except that it's one of the Jōnin Three Houses of Iga along with the Hattori Family and the Momochi Family. The family ruled in Yufune (湯舟郷), Ayama district of the Iga Province. It's rumored that its an independent branch of the above-mentioned Hattori family. It is also rumored that the Jonin Fujibayashi Nagato no kami had instructed one of Shigen Takeda's Generals, Kansuke Yamamoto in the art of ninjutsu.

In the 17th century, Yasutake Fujibayashi would write the Bansenshukai.

Seishin Series

In Yufune, this family leads the Fujibayashi Faction (藤林党争), who are firmly loyal to the Hattori Family and their cause of NOT being watari (mercenary-like) ninja. Rivaling them is the Momochi Faction, who in contrast pursues an united Iga Province and independence from the central noble families rule, including the Tokugawa. Nagato-no-kami is a primary figure in the family.

Family Members

Nagato Fujibayashi (Nagato-no-kami)
One of the Three Grand Jōnin.
Yasutake Fujibayashi
(藤林 保武) Descendant of Nagato. He began writing the Bansenshukai in the 17th century. Also known as Yasuyoshi (藤林 保義).
Masatake Fujibayashi
(藤林 正武) Founder of Kishu Ryu (Also known as Natori Ryu). He wrote the Shōninki (Record of True Ninjutsu) in 1681. He is also known as Natori Sanjuro Masazumi. Kishu was Kii Province.

Associates & Enemies

Subordinate under Nagato.
Saizo Kirigakure
Subordinate under Nagato.
Dōjun Tateoka
Senior subordinate.
Tsukimori Family
Also known as the Iga-Fujibayashi sect. The founding member came from the Fujibayashi family.

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