Card of Diabolos (Death Dragon) in MR2

Diabolos (ディアボロス, diaborosu) is an antagonist from the fanfic Howl of Gray Wolf created by MGW. His monster type is a Dragon/Joker. Former name was Syler.


In Video Games

A Dragon/Joker is also called a Death Dragon. In Japan's MF2, which is the monster's debut, it was called Diabolos, but retains that name in later games released in English. The name is from the Ancient Greek word meaning "devil" (διάβολος).

In the game Monster Rancher 2, A Diabolos/Death Dragon named "Zelandia" (ゼーランディア; zerandia) is one of the monsters participating in the S-rank Major 4 tournaments. It has a considerably high INT score over 800, and much like Carmine the dragon likes to attack in the beginning of the match with a ranged ability. Its physical attacks are also dangerous, with both power and accuracy scores being second to INT.

English Card
"It is said that this dragon was resurrected by Joker's power."
Japanese Card
ジョーカーの力によりあの世からよみがえったドラゴン。大人でも泣き出す容姿を持つ ("It was resurrected into this world by the Joker's power. It's appearance makes an adult cry")

Howl of Gray Wolf

In the previous Howl of Gray Wolf story (1st version), the character's name was Syler. It was changed in December 2011. Diabolos is a pure evil entity made by Velnias to do its bidding. It awakened when Moo did, sensing a dark attachment; like Ragnoroks, Diabolos has a large reputation for its indiscriminate actions. He has an intense Nigrum aura, which can extend and effect those near him or approach him with a sensation of dread.

Skills and Battle Data

  • Power: B
  • Speed: B
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): C
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): A


Excelling in Intelligence, the Joker is highly feared for its dark magical attacks. Thus, Diabolos shares this, and has powerful ranged attacks. Also because of the Joker heritage, the dragon has higher accuracy.

Physical Attacks

  • Claw and bite

Spirit/Intelligence Attacks

  • Flutter


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