Danzō Katō

Danzou (Seishin ver.)



Birthdate / Origins

1515 (Eishō 12)


Flying Katoh


Uesugi Family, Go-Hojo (Seishin only)

Danzō Katō (加藤 段蔵; かとう だんぞう) was a real life ninja that worked for Uesugi Family. He appears in the online series Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle as a Fuuma Ninja that works under the Go-Hojo Family.

Creation and Concept

Real Life/Theories
Said to be born from Hitachi Province. Bloodline is not clear, but it is once said that he was Iga Ninja. Both Kenshin Uesugi and Shingen Takeda feared him. From real sources, implied birth year is 1503. Has been called Flying Kato (「飛び加藤」,「鳶加藤」; tobi katō). In the second name, tobi stands for "kite". Danzo was never a part of the Fuuma Ninja.

Character and Story (Seishin ver.)

  • He was born the same year as Daimyo Ujiyasu Hojo and his adopted brother Imagawa retainer Tsunashi Hojo.
  • He was close to Kagetsuna Naoe (直江 景綱)...
  • Said to be a "wizard" and that he has the ability to "stand in air" (like a kite).


  • Ninjutsu - 5
  • Knowledge - 5
  • Battle Ability - 5
  • Heart – 4
  • Strider – 4
  • Sweets – 2
"Flying Kato"
The reason behind Danzou's nickname is unknown. For Seishin, it may be due to a keratin-made robe. It's said that the real life figure was known for his stealing and "flying' abilities...

Seishin Story


  • He was once a part of Kenshin Uesugi's forces but joined Fuuma after fleeing from Uesugi vassal Kanetsugu Naoe, then Shingen Takeda's forces afterward. He would escape execution.


Kotarō Fūma
Kenshin Uesugi
A Daimyo of Echigo Province.
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