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Dai-Yamato Five or Dai Yamato V (大 大和 V OR ダイヤマト ファイブ) is a fictional Japanese mecha that appears in Heroic Blaze SolAka. It is piloted by the Hoshizawa Grand V.


Dai Yamato's status

Model Number is simply "HZ-1" for being the first fully completed Super Robot in Hoshizawa's service. Height is nearly 50 meters and makes it slightly taller than SolAka; weight is over 500 tons.

Dai Yamato is the signature mecha of the Hoshizawa Organization in Japan. Three aircraft piloted by Kazuya Hoshizawa, Daigo Shinyama, and Keiko Sakakihara -- and the two AFVs driven by Ken Nakumura and Heiji Horukawa -- combine to form this super robot. Its power source is a nuclear engine, which also powers its energy attacks, including Bushizan.

As for appearance, it's equivalent to an armored samurai. It wears a helmet with a curved maedate (front crest), which is called the V Crown. The cuirass also has a V-shaped crest. Sword is fitted at its hip using a magnetic metal fitting (similar to a habaki) on the sheath.

Combination Machines
V Jet (Kazuya) is a high-mobile fighter aircraft equipped with the armor-piecing Jet Laser. It forms the head and V crown. V Strike (Daigo) is the large aircraft that can fire accelerated air bullets, and it forms the upper body and the back rocket thrusters. "V Tank" (Heiji) is a wheeled tank with a 160mm cannon, and it forms the lower body, arms and hands. V Car (Ken) is an armored car with two pintle-mounted long-barreled machine guns, and it splits to form the lower appendages and feet. V Falcon (Keiko) is a recon/bomber aircraft and forms the flight wings.


V Knuckle Rush / V Double Knuckle Rush
Typical "rocket punch" from the arms.
Yamato Gun
Installed in right leg. High-powered laser gun that looks liked a "grandpa Nambu pistol".
Yamato Tonfa / Yamato Staff
Metal Tonfa installed in the arms. Best used in engaging in defense and close-range countering. The two tonfa, after removing the side handles, can connect into a staff.
Seigi no Yaiba - Chōwaken
(正義の刃 ・ 超和剣; blade of justice - large peace sword) Large shin gunto (新軍刀; new military sword) weapon, which is stainless steel. It is capable of the finishing move Bushizan.
V Blast
Large ion laser beam from the chest.

Special Attacks

(武士斬; warrior slash)

Service History/Pilots

Earth Invasion



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