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Dōjun Tateoka (楯岡 道順) was an Iga commander during Japan's Sengoku Jidai. He was also known as Iganosaki Dōjun (伊賀崎道順; いがのさき どうじゅん).


One of the Eleven Ninja, Dojun was possibly a senior apprentice and famous commander under Fujibiyashi Nagato-no-kami. Aside from the Tokugawa Family, Doju also served the Kitabatake of Ise Province and the Rokkaku of Omi Province.

There is a account of Dojun conquering Sawayama Castle (沢山城) with ninja, setting it on fire after the rebellion of Dodoji, a subordinate of Yoshikata Rokkaku.

In Seishin (Pure Heart)

In Seishin, Tateoka serves Fujibayashi and is long-time member of Iga 12 Council or Iga Sokoku Ikki.