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S-rank Cinder Bird (Bincho) from Monster Rancher 2 (Tm) Tecmo

Cinder Bird is an antagonist in Tiger of Freedom.


Cinder Bird appeared in the old version of Tiger of Freedom as an companion of darkness to Velnias (formerly named Galonis), and also the rival to Skyfire. TOF was incomplete and slated for a remake before Cinder could perform a significant role.

In Tiger of Freedom


In Video Games

Like Moo, Cinder Bird is one of the special breeds from Monster Rancher 2 where the sub-type is unknown. It is an S-rank monster; in Japan, it is called a Binchō (ビンチョー).

English Card
"Contrary to its looks, it is burning furiously inside"
Japanese Card
強い炎のために体は燃えつきたかのように見えるが、内面は激しく燃え続けている (Its body seems to burn out with a strong flame, but it continues to intensely burn from within)

In Anime

Cinder Bird appeared in an episode in the second season as a guardian of a village attacked by a Jill. Voiced by Scott McNeil (English) and Nozawa Nachi (野沢那智; Japanese)

Skills and Battle Data

  • Power: C
  • Speed: C
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): C
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): S


Physical Attacks

Spirit/Intelligence Attacks




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