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Chase a Bandit (盗賊を追う) is a Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle story.



This story was created along with I am a cat and Red Fangs of Fuuma in a rush as MGW wanted to put new characters into the focus. In this case, it's Goemon Ishikawa.

Nage is named after shakunage (石南花), a Rhododendron Hymenanthes. Souji is a common male name.

Story Synopsis

The year is 1560. Goemon Ishikawa travels south of Nabari through Shorenji Lake (青蓮寺湖) and Kaochi Ravine (香落渓) to escape the region of his master Tanba Momochi, who sent out the Shimotsuge Family. He plans with two others to travel to Matsusaka.


This was written by Iio Soogi (飯尾 宗祇; 1421-1502):

Yo ni furu mo (世にふるも)
sara ni shigure no (更に時雨の)
yadori kana (やどり哉)

There are different translations:

  • "Time has passed, and again there is more early winter shower staying for a while".[1]
  • "Passing through the world, Indeed this is just, a shelter from the shower."
  • "life in this world, just like a temporary shelter, from a winter shower.

yadori or amayadori (雨宿り) means to take shelter from the rain.


Saizo Kirigakure
Goemon Ishikawa
A ninja of Nabari. Running away from his master, he plans to cross Ise Bay.
Kizaru and Kozaru Shimotsuge
Tanba Momochi
Souji and Nage
(そうじ, なげ) Two genin of peasant class. One is from Soni Village (曽爾村; Nabari region) and looks up to Goemon.


  • The month of Japanese apricots (or plumes; Prunus mume) refers to the 4th month or April[2] (Mandarin). In Japan, the old way is called Shoka (初夏). There are other spellings.