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Centaur is a character from the fanfic Tiger of Freedom. The monster debuted in Monster Rancher 2; in Japan, it's called Centaurus or Kentauros (ケンタウロス; kentaurosu), which are the Greek and Latin terms.


Tiger of Freedom

1st Version
Formerly a Celious (Centaur/Tiger). His weapon is named Honugral and he challenges his master, while Tiger and the others fight Hound Knight (Durahan/Tiger).
Changed into a purebreed Centuar. His weapon's name is Gae Assail; the monster may adopt the name Ulster (アルスター). More details in the future.

In Video Games

Kentaros (Centaur) Card in MonFarm 2.

English Card (MR2)
#043. This monster is intelligent, just and proud.
Japanese Card (MR2)
知的でほこり高く正義感の強いモンスター。かつては砂漠地方に多く見られた (A monster whose intellectual, very proud and and has a strong sense of justice. Formerly, was seen often in desert)

The Centaur debuts in Monster Rancher 2, and is an unlockable monster. It excels considerably in accuracy. Also appears in DS2.

Skills and Battle Data

  • Power: C
  • Speed: A
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): C
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): C


  • Rear Leg Kick
  • Rush Slash
  • Turn Stab
  • Triple Stabs
  • Javelin
  • Energy Shot + Energy Shots: Blast from hands
  • Mind Flare: Spinning his spear, Centaur releases an energy blade.

A Centaur is into efficient fighting, meaning they are very accurate in their strikes. Like Hopper, it depends on inhibiting the enemy by hitting it as much as possible. Game-wise, accuracy has the highest growth rate; evasion and defense are weaknesses.


Joins him on the travels.
Former teacher



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