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Flare Death (フレアデス), B-rank

Carmine (カーマイン, kāmain) is an antagonist in Tiger of Freedom and is a Flare Death (フレアデス), a Joker/Dragon. His name based on the same elite monster in Monster Rancher 2.


Carmine is a new addition for the remakes to add extra danger to Tiger's group. MGW wanted a new powerful henchmen next to Velnias and Cinder Bird, and also to bump heads with the main villain. The word "carmine" means crimson, or a dark red pigment, reflecting his bright red garb and his vicious temper. Also, a monster from Monster Rancher 2.


Carmine in the MAJOR 4 tournaments (Monster Rancher 2).

In Video Games

While the monster type "Flare Death" is considered a B-rank monster, Carmine is one of the S-rank monsters that a player faces in the Big Four tournaments. It's intelligence, accuracy, and power scores are in the 700-800+ range, which gives it a high probability of defeating the player's monster in one hit via preemptive strike. Thus, it often attacks with "Death Energy" at the start of the round. Carmine has a wide following among the Monster Rancher fandom, and is given the name Carmine-sensei (カーマイン先生)[1][2][3] due to its infamy.

English Card
"A descendant of a dragon has turned into an atrocious Joker."
Japanese Card
伝説のドラゴンの血をひき、より凶悪化したジョーカー。かしこさに加え力も強い ("Having the blood of the legendary dragon, it's a more atrocious Joker. Intelligence, in addition its power, is strong")

In Tiger of Freedom

Only appears in the remake. Will make a small appearance in the end of Howl of Gray Wolf remake. He is considered the "brother" of Velnias and serves his goals.

Skills and Battle Data

  • Power: A
  • Speed: B
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): C
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): S


  • Death Punch (デスパンチ)
  • Death Knuckle (デスナックル): Rushing backhand with fist. Also called Death Smash (?)
  • Death Slash (デススラッシュ): Attack with scythe.
  • Deathcutter (デスカッター): Swings scythe and unleashes sharp waves of wind.
  • Death Energy (デスエナジー): Unleashes a wide spread of evil energy.
  • Death Final (デスファイナル): Ultimate swift slash attack.

Much like the game counterpart, he's incredibly dangerous. Death Energy and Death Cutter are his signature attacks, and in the game, Carmine is known to promptly use it.


Leader and "brother".


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