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Possible idea. May be based on Pre-modern China about a boy living with a rebel army of Wuxia animals, led by a crane. It makes it a possible fable.

Story title is unofficial and is just for identification. In Mandarin, it's called shòu guójì.


  • Martial arts may be named reflecting the animal. Rarely, sorcery is used but connected to the human nobility.
  • The Imperial Tome ((帝叢冊)) is very important and often signifies the symbol of kings and its ancestry.
  • A setting where Wuxia animals and man live as one, serving under a nation of one Emperor that promises democracy. However, an usurper of dark Qi seeks the Tome to prove his right to inherit the throne. The Animal Rebel forces battle evil, including the forces that attack their nation, and to seek out the new true emperor.

Possible Characters

Note: The "surnames" might be titles or actual family names. Undecided. Sima Mu, however, is a human noble name.

(玉) Main character. A boy given the title Emperor/Ruler (皇; The Huang) and awakened with the Imperial Tome, which responds to him. Ran and the others support him as leader. The Imperial Tome (大皇冊) contains magic.
Shūhè Ran
(書鶴 呤; shūho jan) Shu Ran. Of the Crane (鶴族) people, commands the Animal Rebel forces (獣反乱軍). A gentle, wise character like a mother with much patience; swordsman. Winged fighting style is Yi Quan pai (翼极門).
Huīláng Jūn
(灰狼 姰) Gray wolf (狼氏); Animal Rebel forces. Known for his shrewd ears, nose, and speedy combat techniques. Jun is close to Ran. Martial arts style is Gangya or Steel fang style (鋼牙) ...akin to Fu Jow Pai (虎爪派; tiger claw school)
(圣睆) Bear. Animal Rebel forces. Tribe is known for his great strength. A rough personality but very loyal to the cause, including to Ran.
Sima Mu
(司馬 穆) A human antagonist who insists he is a part of the rightful monarch, and might must rule the animals. Strong martial artist and swords man. Unforgiving the animals that supports Yu as the emperor, he tapped into the dark Qi.
JiānLong Tiān
(堅龍 天) Dragon? Snake?
Hak Ye
(黑葉) This black bear is an elusive mountain recluse, avoiding the war, and is adept in the sword and medicine.

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