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Basilisk (バジリスク; bashirisuku) is one of the main characters in the fanfic Howl of Gray Wolf created by MGW. His monster type is a Zuum/Joker. In Japan, a zuum is called a Roadrunner (ロードランナー; rodoranna).


MR2 Card. Tecmo.

Howl of Gray Wolf

First Version
A considerable hot-head, Basilisk is led by the sin of wrath more than anyone. After the brutal massacre of his pack, including father, he harbors a grudge against the death dragon Syler. He is found by Tyrant and they have been traveling partners ever since. Basilisk meets Gray Wolf during camping, and his anger is ignited when they're attacked by the Jaggernaut and Sneak Hopper forces. WHen he finally faced Syler, he was blinded by wrath.
Debuts in chapter "Monster Hunter". Basilisk's character was retained from the original version: A considerable hothead that joins Gray Wolf's pack for revenge, his nemesis still being Diabolos (renamed from Syler). In the remake, he is infamously known as a merciless hunter, and he has been attacking and killing the dragon forces that approached his territory in Parepare. He is hard to discern with the striped pattern on his body. Astonished that Gray Wolf was able to escape his traps, Basilisk offered him the chance to form a pack with him.

Tiger of Freedom

First Version
Basilisk returns in the sequel and joins Tiger against what causes the worldwide disasters.


Monster Rancher 2
強い幻覚作用のある模様で、敵をまどわせるこの幻覚作用は人間にはきかない (This pattern expresses a strong hallucination , deceiving an enemy, but not to a human.)

Skills and Battle Data

  • Type: Zuum/Joker (B-rank monster)
  • Power: B
  • Speed: B
  • Stamina (lifebar, defense): C
  • Mind/Spirit (Intel, energy power): C


  • Claw and bite
  • Tail
  • Claw Combo
  • Hypnotism
  • Jumping Claw
  • Charge
  • Fireball
  • Five Balls

A Zuum is suitable for beginner breeders because of its balanced abilities. It is easy to grow in accuracy, life, speed, and power, but is lacking in intelligence. In Basilisk's case, being part joker, his life and defense decreases a little, but his accuracy, speed, and power increases considerably. Basilisk mainly takes advantage of using aggressive and accurate physical attacks.


Tiger & Gray Wolf

Moo & Diabolos

The motivation behind his vicious killing and hatred is Diabolos, who killed his pack.

Packmates / WildSaurian

Wildsaurian is his father.



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