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The Ban Family (伴氏) is a family of Koga Ninja.


One of the 53 Houses of Koga. A popular member of the family, Naganobu, has considerable leading ability and is said to be like a jounin.

In Seishin

Skilled in kumoden and Raiton, where hearing and vision are impeded. Also skilled in the bow.


Tarozaemon Ban
(伴 太郎左衛門) Worked for Nobunaga Oda. May have worked for Ieyasu too. Leader of family and wears an eyepatch. Might be Naganobu Ban (伴 長信)...
Yoshichirou Ban
(伴 与七郎) Worked for Ieyasu
Gobei Ban
(伴 五兵衛) Worked for Ieyasu.
Ban Tenbei
(伴 伝兵衛) Might've been name of various people. Was a merchant?


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