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Avarizia di dittatori


Crime fiction, supernatural, giallo (thriller), black comedy

Starting Date

(Digest version) 2021


(Digest) 1

Dictators' Avarice (Italian/Italiano: avarizia di dittatori) is an upcoming fiction by MGW.


MGW wanted to create a story about organized crime, and created a wikia page for it on October 2012. At first, she wanted it to be about Japan's bōryokudan (暴力団), or the "yakuza" group of Japan. However, she ultimately decided to set the story in U.S.A since many of her stories, such as Heroic Blaze SolAka and Seishin (Pure Heart), were based outside of U.S, and she didn't have many American stories. Therefore, she chose to create a story around the Sicilian Mafia. Furthermore, since Japan was the initial setting, MGW was going to involve yuri (百合, genre involving love between women), a relationship between the female main character and female crime boss, but the main character ultimately became a male.

The use of Stregheria (here), or Italian Witchcraft, was chosen from a whim to go along with the traditional weapons of mobsters such as knives and firearms. Further down the road of thinking up ideas, MGW wanted to make a thaumaturgy system that played a significant role to the mafia families. More details were created on February 2013.[1]


Emilio Montagna (or Emi for short), the son of a beloved fruit store owner in Buffalo, New York, goes to jail for assault on a street gang. Fortunately, his sentence is light due to self-defense and the background of the gang. Emi is lectured by the police, including a CI agent, about fearing society's bad blood. Next thing he knew, opening his eyes after collapsing, he found himself before the Demon Queen of Sicily -- as a hostage.

List of Chapters

Order is not official.

  • Dead Fortune
  • Our
  • Scribes
  • The Blizzard



La Costra Nostra and Camorra
The La Cosa Nostra (LCN) and the Camorra are both organized crime families with origins from Italy. The former derived from the south island of Sicily; as early as the late 19th century, many immigrants from Sicily moved to New York, U.S.A, and became active during the early 20th century. Especially during the Prohibition Era. Expanding across the United States, they formed the infamous American Mafia. The Camorra are from the Campania region of south Italy; they are especially active in the capital of Naples (napoli), and had connections to Scottish and Russian crime groups. They also functioned in New York, rivaling the LCN. A member of these groups are called mafioso or a mobster. In 1970, LCN boss and civil rights promoter Joe Colombo made it so that using the word "mafia" was banned.
(Family Boss) The boss of the family. In media, the boss of the strongest Sicilian family was called Capo di tutti capi or the Godfather. However, the title doesn't exist anymore.
Capo Bastone/Sotto Capo
(cane lead; underboss) The under boss and #2 man. A "bastone" means cane or a stick, so the title means the support of the #1 boss.
(Captain) A high-ranking member of the mafia who leads a crew of soldiers (soldato). The bosses of a group relays commands to the capos. They are sometimes called the "leader of ten".
(Councillor) The advisor and the #3 man under the boss and underboss.
(Soldier) Another term to describe the soldiers of the family. The other is Soldato. The person is a fully initiated member of the mafia after taking the omerta, and is employed in the group's duties.
A part of the mafia loyalty code, an oath of silence sworn by a member. No one is allowed to talk to the police in any circumstance. In General, the mafia are to keep silent about one another from outsiders. In modern times, mobsters are starting to open up to courts about their lives and crimes committed.
(Those who repent) Plural for pentito. A criminal who cooperates with police or government authorities and testifies against or provides harmful information on fellow criminals. A turncoat or informant.[2]
(Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)[3] A federal law in U.S.A to combat organized crime by issuing extended penalties. One can be charged officially with racketeering, encompassing all involved with crime with no exemption. Only two out of 27 federal crimes and 8 state crimes can cause prosecution.
United States Federal Witness Protection Program
This is a law to protect crucial witnesses who testifies to the law, due to the immense danger of divulging information.[4] This was a huge case for those in mafia, which influenced the implementation of the program in the 1960s. Those in the program are offered various services such as identity cover-up and new housing.
Racketeering, in simplicity, is an illegal business run by organized crime. Examples are trafficking (drugs, arms, sex), extortion, and gambling. It is used to produce profit by duping others due to the high demand for these services. Smuggling also plays a large role.
(witch) The word is short for the words stregheria and stregoneria, both meaning Italian witchcraft, and it plays a center role in the story. In the fiction, it refers to both witchcraft and the user of magic. There are five types of strega. The four basic ones are Aria (air), Terra (ground), Fuoco (fire), and Acqua (water). The rarest one is Spirito (spirit), which is highly connected to all kinds of nature and even the dead. Strega plays a role of covetousness on par with money, and is considered the new "addictive drug". The users try to keep strega, it's transfer and the use of it, considerably out of public eyes.
Mystic Tool
A tool—such as a knife, card, medallion, cup, necklace—used as a catalyst for the witchcraft. Each strega user has one with a colored pentagon on it, depending on their type. Aria (green), Terra (brown), Fuoco (red), and Acqua (blue).
(Illnesses) Plural for male, which means pain or illness. The diseases connected to the Strega. Each witchcraft user in the crime families have mali because the use of magic brings complications to their bodies. Therefore, drug dependency increases to relieve the mali.
I Dieci Comandamenti
Ten strict rules that the crime mafioso follow. They were discovered in Italy after police arrested a mafia boss named Salvatore Lo Piccolo.
Rivissuto Stati Camorra (RSC)
(Revived States Camorra) The revived Nuova Camorra Organizzata (new organized camorra) or the NCO, established in the United States. They rival the Sicilian Mafia. Just like during the prime of Raffaele Cutolo's activities, the RSC propels the global activity of the current mafia using the secrets of Strega. They also gained approval from those unfairly incarcerated.
Cacciatori di Streghe
(Hunters of Witches) A group of strega formed by the RSC to destroy their rivals.
Ku Klux Klan / Silver Scribes
KKK is one of the top, if not the top, nativist and discriminatory groups in U.S.A. Their anti-immigrant pose plays a role. They seem aware of witchcraft in use and their activities, while elusive, have spread north. A specific group called the Silver Scribes evokes propaganda against Italians. Some are pushing for capital punishment back into law.
The Copacobana[5]
Also called the Copa. A famous nightclub in NYC. It has be relocated various times and hosted many performers; it was formed in 1940s.
St. Valentines Day Massacre[6]
Feb 14, 1929.
New Turks and Red Tigers
The Turks are a Sicilian street gang in New York who attacked Emi and wanted to rob him. The Red Tigers are a bike gang; their outlaw activities are being reduced by the mafia.
Montagna Family
Main character's family. They own a fresh fruit store and are of Italian descent. The owner's son is not aware of secret dealings, a "special tax", nor the background of his great grandfather.
Stellaro Family


Montagna Family and Friends

Gianemilio Montagna (Emilio)
Main character; mononym is Emilio, but some calls him by the nickname "Emi". 19 years old. Young man with a strong sense of family loyalty. When his father's fruit store is a target to extortion, Emi rebels against the mobsters. One day he gets kidnapped and taken to a manor in Lancaster. May get seduced by Irene...
Lucio Montagna
The target of the Stellaro family and Emilio's father. Sometimes called Luke.
Alberto Montagna
Grandfather of Emi.

U.S Sicilian Mafia

9mm Benelli B76 from Italy is Irene's favorite. From the 1970s.

Irene Stellaro
Boss of Famiglia Stellaro after her husband was arrested, then killed shortly after release. She is self-righteous; around her 40s; strega and mali is unknown. Favorite firearm is Benelli B76. Is called Donna Stellaro. She has a manor in Lancaster, New York.
Ezio D'Fiume, Savino Cavallaro
Caporegime under Irene. One is a sharpshooter and another can used a chain staff (akin to chigiriki).
Teo Stellaro
Irene's husband and former Stellaro boss. Murdered by an iron spear and a Benelli Argo type game rifle.

U.S Camorra

Osvaldo Mallardo
The boss of the Mallardo Camorra and a member of the Nuova (rivivere) Stati Camorra. He has suggested the Strega Hunters, and is after the destruction of the Stellaro.
Fortunato Mallardo, Raffaele Zaza
Caporegime of Mallardo Camorra in the U.S. Fortunato worked in a porn store. The Nuova Camorra Organizzata attempts to revive, but in America.
Roy Verdiello
Sgarrista. A close associate of the Mallardo and also worked with Fortunato in the store. A severe hitman, Roy is nicknamed "Blizzard" to refer to the old Iceman (a cold-blooded hitman who disposed of a body by freezing it). Plus it is related to his strega type, which is aria; also, he wears a neck scarf. He hunts for Irena's life.


Raul Stellaro
Irene's son who enlisted into the military to dissociate himself from his family and to get away from the mobster life as a means to repent. He takes part in the military police to regulate gang members in the service. Needless to say, family isn't too happy with him. During vacation time, he returns to New York City.
Luciano Stellaro
Irene's brother who is a part of the NYPD and giving them information about current crime activity, including his former family. That would make him a pentiti. Hearing about a kidnapping, he looks for the spirito strega. He also met Emi in prison.
The Turks
Names unknown at the moment. One member ends up with broken bones.