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Autumn Grove (秋の木立) is a story of the Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle. It was created in August 2011 and was finished October 13, 2013.

Art of Kasugayama Castle (春日山城). Found at



MGW's idea behind this story was to portray Hayashi's acceptance as a nusubito, which is a term for thief/robber, but describes an immoral ninjutsu user. It also shows what his leader allows. Also, MGW wants to describe a spear vs sword battle, and how range creates an advantage in combat.

Story Synopsis

The "character scroll" is about the nusubito Hayashi. He is described as a dangerous person who is not afraid of death, and he is given the nickname Ashura (阿修羅) for his greediness and pride.

It is the 7th year of Tenshō (1579). A member of the Fuuma shows off his individualistic character and infiltrates Kasugayama Castle (春日山城). Samurai from the Uesugi Family are stirred awake by the sound of a young woman's voice, and are led to Bishamon Temple (毘沙門堂) for a battle. A foolish lone fighter carrying a Jumonji spear drops the naked body of the sister of one samurai.


Main character; he captures a girl to provoke opponents outside the castle walls to challenge. His main weapon is a Jumonji spear.
(お果絵) The woman who Hayashi captures to provoke some warriors to chase and fight him. She is stripped.
(確丸) B. 1564. A young samurai who battles Hayashi at the Bishamon shrine. He's rash.
(才五郎) Samurai who accompanied Katamaru while chasing Hayashi.
Goemon Ishikawa
A former Iga. He followed Hayashi to keep an eye on him.


There are other shrines dedicated to Bishamon, but the one mentioned is at Kasugayama Castle. Faithfully, Kenshin Uesugi prayed there for victory [1]