Asura Saviors War

Asura Saviors War (非生救世主戦) is an abstract concept about a squad of female super robot pilots.

Kaizuka Itō

(伊藤 数花; いとう かずか) 19 years old. Itoh is possibly from Chiba Prefecture and was preparing for a college exam. She likes watching the sunset on a coastal area. She was a friendly girl with a younger brother, Satoru (暁). The night before the exam, there was an alien invasion that wiped out her town; Itoh loses her brother and parents during an explosion. She sees the alien responsible for the attack, Diwan Gienah (ディーワーン ギェナー; it's Arabic and latin?), a tall black alien with high offensive strength. The alien nearly kills Itoh, but she survives through some extraterrestrial means. She collapses and is found by an agent of an independent task force.

The "extraterrestrial means" can be used to drive one of the task force's robots, and Itoh is chosen as a pilot to fight the aliens. After seeing her family killed, she becomes reserved and burns with revenge. She trains for a year (now 19) and new pilots came in, making her "senpai". She avoids trying to make attachments, secretly hiding that she does not wish to feel personal pain anymore.

However, she gradually grew fond of one of the pilots during a lunch break -- Nana (奈々). Nana sortied against one of the aliens, and while the alien was defeated, it cost Nana her life. At that moment, Itoh started to wake up and found an importance in fighting. She would train harder, fight harder, and battle with justice.

Pilot of Piston Magna (ピストン・マグマ)

It may be Kamiya Ranze (神谷 蘭世). Kozue? Miki? Yuka? Positive leader with a red uniform and bright personality.

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