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Amasata is a STN-BT (Shitennō biota) unit, a mecha from the fiction Heroic Blaze SolAka.

Creation & ConceptEdit

Its name is from the Hindu words of Amar (immortal) and sarvasattaaka (sovereign).

About/Technical DataEdit

Amasata graph

Amasata stats

  • Model Number: STN-BT-#”
  • Manufacturer: Shenbu Army
  • Unit Type: ?
  • Height: 42m - 85m; 30m
  • Weight: +200Ts max
  • Energy Source: ?

It belongs to General Aditi of the Shenbu Forces and Deva Dynasty.

Due to the questionable plans for the mecha, information is withheld until further notice. It may control fire, ice, and gravity.


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