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Tokisada Shiro Amakusa (天草四郎時貞; amakusa shirō tokisada) was the young Christian follower who lead the Shimabara Rebellion. He was born on the 7th year of Genna (1621) and died in the end of the Rebellion (1638).




His role will end up being the same, maybe possessing a similar theme from Makai Tensho and Samurai Showdown where he revives as a demon after being brutally murdered. Might revive Kotarō Fūma.

Sannen Nindō Gakkō

Media Appearances

Makai Tensho
(魔界転生; demon world rebirth) Various. Novel, movies, video games. Shiro, along with other popular figures such as Musashi Miyamoto (or maybe Kojirō Sasaki), the monk Inshun of Hōzōin school, and Araki Mataemon of Yagyu school, are reincarnated. Mitsuyoshi Jūbei Yagyū is main character.
Momotaro Densetsu
(桃太郎電鉄; Momotaro clectric railway) board game styled video game series. Hero character.
Samurai Spirits (Samurai Showdown) Series[1]
(サムライスピリッツ) Video game series from SNK. Notable antagonist. Harboring hatred towards the Tokugawa Shogunate, Amakusa was revived by the evil dark god Ambrosia. In the first game, he captures the son of Hanzo Hattori to use his body. Amakusa's signature weapon is the Gadamer Gem (ガダマーの宝珠).

Seishin Story appearances