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The Akutagawa (芥川氏) is a Koga (Koka) ninja family. They appear in Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle.


Very little is known about the Akutagawa family except that they are one of the many houses of Koga. It is possible that they are related to the Taira and worked for Kamakura Shogunate[1]. There is Akutagawa Style ninjutsu, popularized by either Yoshinori Akutagawa or another. It's said in an antedote that Yoshinori was invited to a feast at Matsumoto Castle to demonstrate his Onibi jutsu. Female maids surround him; after Yoshi chants an incantation, there is a sweet fragrance and the maids' thighs were exposed from under their kimonos.[2]

Family Members


Sakyonosuke Akutagawa
(芥川 左京亮) A family head
Shichiroubei Akutagawa
(芥川 七郎兵衛) Apparently worked for Takeda, then for Tokugawa Shogunate. There is an account with Mochizuki Yoemon.
Seiemon Akutagawa
(芥川 清右衛門) B.1577
Tenpei Akutagawa (Tenoei)
Hired by the Sasaki family in the late 1400's to lead their troops against Ashikaga during the Bunmei period (1469-1487).
Kazuma Akutagawa[3][4]
Hired by the Sasaki family in the late 1400's to lead their troops, along with Tenpei, against Ashikaga during the Bunmei period (1469-1487).
Yoshinori Akutagawa[5]
(芥川 義矩) Served a member of Toda Family at Matsumoto Castle (18th Century?). Expert in the Onibi Jutsu (鬼火の術; art of jack'o-lantern). Said to have been born in Kyōhō 17 (享保十七年; year 1732), and to have died in Bunka 7 (文化七年; year 1810). Full name is Akutagawa Kurōzaemon Yoshinori (芥川 九郎左衛門義矩)
(芥川 義綱) Served a member of Toda at Matsumoto castle. Created Akutagawa Style.


Yoshimasa Akutagawa
(義眞) B 1546. Fictional character with good looks; he works for the Oda Family. He is around Kyōshirō Kōsaka's age and is considered a rival. Also called Kazuma (一眞); son may be Takafusa.
Yoshimasa's father. B 1522 (?). Name may be Yoshitaka.
Yoshimasa's grandfather. B 1497 (?). Name may be Takao or Takafusa.
(珍兼) Fictional; B.1482. Great Grandfather of above mentioned Yoshimasa.
(義銀) Fictional; B.1460. Great Great Grandfather of above mentioned Yoshimasa and worked with Mochizuki Izumo-no-Kami and Takayori Rokkaku. Another figure with same name is Ashikaga Yoshikane. Yoshikane appears in story I am a cat.


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