MGW Works Wiki

This is about the creation and purpose of this Wikia, and it's by the creator's (MGW) words


Much like an encyclopedia, I created the MGW Wikia to gather and contain articles of information about my amateur works. This is especially for my original fiction or for my long-term stories. It was created in December 2009 after moving from PBworks. Since I was a registered editor on Wikipedia, I wanted to create a Wikia as an experiment. I was also wanted to understand more on how the wiki formatting worked, such as the use of templates and codes. Despite how silly that making a database on amateur works may look, I became more comfortable with it because I like knowledge.

This wikia is not a place for me or anyone to store stories of any kind, not mine or others.

What can this Wikia do?


I find that sharing and reading knowledge is very beneficial in the world. Not only can references relay information, but can also inspire someone to learn more about a particular topic once they read about it.

My Pure Heart: Ninjutsu Chronicle series has compelled me to do intensive research in Japanese culture and historical records on ninjutsu. As I did, I wanted to share it with others. It also intensified my affection for both on what I learned and on what I want to learn. Now, I pursue clarity on info related to ninja. This is also due to the series's difficulty.

A Wikia or any internet database can encourage citing sources to help in contribution. Using sources may prevent or at least mollify the effect of plagiarism, the act of copying of another person's ideas, text or other creative work. I prefer to type up articles in my own fashion, and I quote others' text if they're used to verify or support a point.

Also, Wikia can help with learning the formatting of Wikipedia without making terrible mistakes. This may help aspiring editors, such as myself, to practice both style and suitable grammar for articles. Using Wikia also helps invest in the writing practice in general, where one of the best tips in writing is to "just do it". Like an essay or a story, you can also revise your article.


I do have my anxiety of spreading misinformation and showing unprofessional, laughable writing. Also, the use of Wiki for amateur content, such as fanfiction, seem to give off the impression of conceit? My works aren't as notable in comparison to TV shows, books, etc., so there might not be the driving motivation to read what's here.