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1063rd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron


Since Autumn 2016


United States Air Force (USAF)


New Larson Air Force Base[1] (Renovated), Clallam County, Washington


Brave Chevaliers, Chevaliers, Lancers


Claire Keighley


F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16IN Super Viper, F-35 Lightning II, F-37 Strike Lancer (fictional fighter)


War on Terror/Anti Radical Expedition (2001 - 20xx); Dvi Alliance Conflict (2016 - 20xx)

1063rd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, also known as the Brave Chevaliers and the "Lancer Team", is a fictional United States Air Force fighter squadron in the story United We Soar. Activated in 2016, they are stationed at Washington, U.S. Their call sign is Lancer, tail code is LS (sometimes "LS-WA"), and they fly the recent aircraft of the military. They are designed to engage the world's current terror threats from the air and is said to be a breakthrough group. It is underneath the 314th Special Operations Wing.


MGW tried to pick a number 300 - 999 per AF squadron standards, but all of the other numbers were apparently taken by other squadrons, and decided on forming a new unit.


In the story United We Soar, the 1063rd is a new generic squadron led by Major Claire Keighley and is the first selected to use the new F-37 Strike Lancer, as it is primarily built for both effective air-to-air and air-to-ground combat. Four flights usually comprised of four planes are underneath the squadron, totaling sixteen aircraft. The members use the callsign "Brave" and deploy in a variety of aircraft during their missions, which is seen as a strange practice. The squadron also conducts air interdiction and offensive counter-Air missions much like the Baron Squadron. Command is followed from AFSOC, which is underneath USSOCOM (US North COM).


The 1063rd activated in the Autumn of 2016 flying the U.S Air Force's Fourth and Fifth (current) Generation fighters to conduct air support and air superiority missions. The Dvi Conflict intensified with the appearance of "The Garnet" fighter, and while The People's Wings's operations in Pro-Communist countries were going well through the efficiency of Russia's Baron Squadron, The Brave Chevaliers make it their goal to gain air supremacy over them.

In 2017, the 1063rd are the first to operate the new F-37 Strike Lancer to rival Russia's new aircraft, but only allowed for only two to be deployed due to its high expense and complex development problems. The commander gave the test aircraft to Ace Warrington and Aiden Christie, assigning them the names Lancer 1 and Lancer 2 respectively.